Message From the Bawlmer Stoops Editor

Thank you for visting the Stoops. We, at Bawlmer Stoops are interested in building a new neighborhood in Baltimore. This neighborhood isn't in any particular geographic location within Baltimore. This neighborhood is, of course, on the Internet. Welcome to the neighborhood.

To help build this Bawlmer neighborhood, we included, in our web site, a community meeting house, "Chat'n on the Stoops". Here, you'll find several chat rooms. They include:

Unlike the other Baltimore publications, Bawlmer Stoops is interested in presenting a ground-level look at Charm City: no aerial view of the Inner Harbor, no stereotypical snapshot of public housing complexes. Baltimore is more than a collection of business districts and neighborhoods. Baltimore is the people who live there.

No, not the big shots who hold press conferences, attend big charity functions, and pose for photo ops. Baltimore is people like next-door Joe who body-paints himself before going to the Ravens game. Baltimore is people like hair stylist Jane who cuts the hair of the homeless for free.

Who is Baltimore to you? Come join the conversation at Bawlmer Stoops.

If you are as excited about this project as we are, be a pro-active member of the Bawlmer Stoops neighborhood. We are currently looking for moderators for our chat rooms. Fill in the following form to let us know who you are. Be sure to tell us which chat room you are interested in moderating, which evening you are available to moderate, and the topics that you want to address.

Bawlmer Stoops is also looking for contributions from local essayists. With verbal snapshots of the people, sites, and events in your neighborhood... with an unique perspective from each of you, Bawlmer Stoops hopes to assemble the pieces together to form a true picture of Baltimore. Please, submit your work to us via e-mail. Address the message to BawlmerStoops@ChenCompServ.Com.


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